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Punta Cana Resort & Club

Puntacana Resort & Club is a private and secure complex located in the Dominican Republic and considered one of the best in the country. This place is distinguished by its white sand beaches, the best VIP service, privacy and quality in every way. Buying or renting any of its available spaces is to guarantee a dream life in the middle of a paradise in the Caribbean.

An area of more than 60 square kilometers dedicated for sports activities, incomparable services, an ecological park, crystal clear beaches and much more. Many famous celebrities from all over the world own properties within this complex because they can relax without having to worry about their safety. Likewise, its apartments, luxury villas are the best investment for anyone who wants to live the best experiences in one place.

The owners of this complex are the Puntacana Group, which have been synonymous with commitment, innovation and pioneers in the development of unique tourist destinations for more than 50 years. The resort project began in 1971 under the direction of Frank R. Rainieri and Theodore W. Kheel, the Compañía de Desarrollo Turístico, Residencial e Industrial, S.A. (CODDETREISA). With the passage of time it was modified and expanded until it became one of the best in the Caribbean, recognized throughout the world for being a paradise.

Grupo Puntacana has assured that owners and visitors have everything they need within Puntacana Resort. For this reason they guarantee security, quick access from different routes, electricity, clean areas at all times, wastewater disposal, airport, school and much more. Each of these points is considered valuable, especially for those who wish to invest in this dream destination.


Puntacana International Airport

A factor of great importance for visitors and owners of any complex is being able to enter and exit it easily, without losing their security and privacy. This was precisely one of the major concerns for Grupo Puntacana and for this reason, in 1984 the first commercial International Airport was built and operated by a private company. Everything after struggling for eight years and two next years to build it.

It is a truly unique place and serves as a connection to 27 countries around the world, to the point of being considered as one with the highest passenger traffic in the entire Dominican Republic. Also, it has the best assistance on arrival and departure, having a great general service so that you feel comfortable from the first moment.

Particularly for the owners of Puntacana Resort & Club, the airport offers great advantages of luxury and comfort. From a personalized greeting to exclusive access, as well as facilities specially designed for VIPs, which have the following benefits:

  • Private and conditioned zone
  • Local press and international magazines
  • Boarding information screen
  • TV with sports and news.
  • Free WiFi
  • Terrace and smoking area (exclusively for Terminal A)
  • Piscina y terraza (Exclusivo para Terminal B)
  • Shower and toiletries
  • Cold and hot drinks
  • Local alcoholic drinks, rum, wine, and beer
  • Variety of appetizers and hors d'oeuvres
  • Exclusive restrooms
  • General VIP assistance: Fast track immigration and customs along with faster service

With everything that the Puntacana International Airport offers for the owners, it can be guaranteed that the entire stay is as comfortable as possible. That is precisely the goal, to feel like the owners since their arrival and wanting to return as soon as possible. It is a comfortable place, which is only a few minutes away so that traveling to your exclusive destination is not a problem.


Puntacana International School

One of the best features that Puntacana Resort & Club offers is having its own exclusive school within the complex. This is one of the advantages that its founders wanted to offer to the owners, precisely so that they did not have to worry about these details. There is no other in the Caribbean that offers this service and even less with its quality recognized internationally.

Puntacana International School (PCIS) is located within the facilities, but this does not mean that it closes its doors to the rest of the country. It is a bilingual school that offers an outstanding education for children and young adults. Also, it has all the basic levels of education, from preschool to high school with more than 650 students from 20 countries around the world, above all from the Dominican Republic.

Since opening its doors in 2000, PCIS has been recognized throughout the world, because it prepares its students for success. Internationally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), as well as by the Council of International Schools and recognized by the Dominican Ministry of Education. It is a unique place, where the educational service is really of quality and emphasis is placed on continuous learning.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have access to this prestigious school just by acquiring any of the Puntacana Resort & Club properties. Remember that it is a reference of educational quality for future employers and college admissions. Therefore, it has advantages that no other institution of its style can offer its graduates.


Puntacana Village

It is a beautiful community located within the complex facilities. This means that you can have access to all its services, just a few minutes from where the property is located. Some of them are restaurants, shops, medical services, galleries, Puntacana Resort & Club and much more. So it is a great investment to be able to take advantage of everything that is inside, especially since it is the heart of the main tourist region of the Dominican Republic.


Blue Mall Punta Cana and “Nacional” Supermarket

Just ten minutes away, the owners and visitors of Puntacana Resort & Club have the Blue Mall Punta Cana shopping center at their complete disposal. This is a place to spend excellent moments shopping or taking a walk to distract your mind and relieve stress. Inside they combine elements such as gastronomy, special events, shows and luxury restaurants; which makes it an excellent place to spend great and fun moments.

The Velutini Group together with the Grupo Puntacana, have been concerned about offering all the necessary services in one place for their visitors. That is why this shopping center brings great growth and development to the Caribbean region. To such an extent that they are used as a tourist reference for their strength, diversity and commitment.

On the other hand, the services of the complex would not be complete without a place to shop for the basics you need in food, for example. For this reason, the "National" Supermarket is also very close and with a large amount of products at your complete disposal. In this way you will get everything in one place and you can do your shopping for a dream vacation.


Three luxury hotels inside the Puntacana Resort & Club

Hotels also form a significant part of the main resort destination in the Caribbean, due to the large number of guests received annually. There are three buildings designed to receive visitors from around the world at any time and distributed in a way to facilitate all the services they require within a few steps. So it is worth knowing them and taking advantage of all the comforts they offer:

  • Tortuga Bay: The only hotel to be awarded with five AAA diamonds in the Dominican Republic, it is characterized by its elegance, discretion, privacy and exceptional service. Composed of 13 villas located in a private enclave, with one to four bedroom suites designed by the famous Oscar de La Renta and located along the beach. A luxury hotel, with VIP advantages at the Punta Cana International Airport for its guests and access to all the amenities and facilities of the Resort.
  • The Westin: 200 rooms with Caribbean sea views, restaurants, event facilities, large pools, lobby bar, beachside grill, kids' club, and walking trails; these are just some of the peculiarities of this wonderful hotel. Additionally, it has a 24-hour business center and an exclusive gym. It is truly a gem with full access to the resort facilities, including the golf courses.
  • The Four Points: Located in front of the Punta Cana International Airport and in the heart of a commercial area, allowing you to have direct access to a high range of shops, restaurants and galleries. Likewise, the white sand beaches, the golf courses, the spa and all the emblematic services of the complex are close by. It has 125 rooms, each one with free WIFI connection and inside there is a swimming pool, gym, business center, among other characteristics that make it unique.

If you want to spend a luxury vacation, these hotels will definitely make a difference between the privacy and elegance they offer. As well as for the accommodation of your guests and always with the availability of exclusive services for the owners of Puntacana Resort & Club.


Six Senses Spa

Well-being and relaxation are part of the stay at Puntacana Resort & Club thanks to Six Senses Spa. World famous for its talented international team applying proprietary holistic techniques and its six-sphere philosophy to rejuvenate the mind and body. Inside it has a wide variety of treatment rooms, tranquil settings and rejuvenating therapies to enjoy individually or as a couple.

Applied methods go beyond the ordinary, since they combine science with human consciousness, using high technology to achieve a service designed for each individual exclusively. There are a number of ways to relax, specialized teacher therapists, and special packages to help you relieve yourself of stress. It is just a matter of making an appointment to begin to experience the true calm of the body and mind.


Beaches inside the residence and “Playa Blanca” Beach Club

Puntacana Resort & Club has a magnificent location, right on the shores of the island, giving it more than 8 km of coastline available for its owners and visitors. This is a unique privilege in the Caribbean, especially since it is a magnificent place with white sand and crystal clear waters. All this accompanied by beautiful views that are appreciated from the comfort of the villas, apartments and hotels of the complex.

Playa Blanca in particular is private and available to real estate owners. Around it there are all the services you may need just a few steps away and it is an excellent place to practice water sports. It has a beach club recognized for providing the best care, privacy and quality in everything it offers, especially in its gastronomy.

It is very important to know that when referring to Playa Blanca, you are not only talking about the coast, but about everything that is around it. Especially because to be near the sea you have to go through its renowned restaurant, unique in its cool and casual style. This paradise is usually very quiet, everything is spacious to keep it comfortable when a greater number of visitors arrive.

The “Playa Blanca” Beach Club is one of the first options you should think about if you are looking for a pleasant atmosphere, a restaurant with excellent tropical and international cuisine, high-level sports activities and special events. The crystal clear water of the Caribbean, the almost transparent sands and a wonderful atmosphere await you to make the best memories.


Casa Club

Club House is the central beach club, which has its own great benefits. It is equipped with a beautiful swimming pool, several different restaurants, the golf club and a Spa lounge. So it is worth spending long hours in this place located inside the Puntacana Resort.


Bars and restaurants in Puntacana Resort & Club

A luxury resort could not be complete without having different options to enjoy unprecedented good food and drinks. For this reason, there are seven restaurants with world-class gastronomy including everything you need to enjoy the delicious freshly prepared cuisine. Also, there are elegant bars located in different parts of the complex to have a good time sharing a drink with friends. So they are magnificent spaces where you can have group dinners, meetings of different types and social events that will meet all your expectations.

There is no excuse not to visit the different bars and restaurants at Puntacana Resort & Club. All of them with their unique and magnificent style, in which you will always get the best service and a completely pleasant experience in all its senses.


Sports in Puntacana Resort & Club

Sports activities are an important part of Puntacana Resort & Club. Therefore, the residence offers luxury facilities and quality service for owners and visitors. It is very significant that you are able to perform different disciplines without having to leave the complex. From golf to equestrianism, there are different options for all kinds of people.


Three famous golf courses: Corales, La Cana, Hacienda

Puntacana Resort & Club is famous for its three golf courses, all of great renown. On these courses have practiced from beginners to players of international stature, due to their quality. That is why they are recognized around the world as a treasure for those who practice this discipline, whether casually or for those who are lovers.

By not having one but three courses, there is a lot of land available, each with its own characteristic holes. They are quite a challenge, so it can also be enjoyed by those experts who want to experience the true emotion of this game. Los Corales, La Cana and Hacienda are waiting for those who want to start playing.

  • Los Corales: Designed by Tom Fazio and inaugurated in 2010, it is an exclusive and dramatic course with 18 holes. They are found along natural cliffs, ocean coves, around inland lakes and coral quarries. It is truly one of the best experiences in the world that culminates in challenging the Devil's Elbow, its last three holes. A memorable experience, which you will not fail to remember every time you have the opportunity to face it.
  • La Cana: Opened in 2001 and designed by the famous P.B Dye with multiple holes, 14 of them with a fabulous view of the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the favorites of Golfers from around the world, its facilities being the setting for the Puntacana Golf Academy. In this place children and adults can learn in intensive private and group classes from the hands of true PGA professionals.
  • Hacienda: Also designed by the renowned P.B Dye, it opened its doors at the end of 2011. It is a beautiful field in which you can see many lakes and lush tropical landscapes. When you play, you will feel like you are lost in an exclusive and luxurious paradise, recognized throughout the world for being one of the best to practice this sport.

Each of these golf courses are open to real estate owners at Puntacana Resort & Club. Likewise, the guests of the different hotels will also have access, both to play and to enjoy the games. Consult the different offers and services that are included with access to the clubs of these magnificent facilities, unique in the Caribbean.


Tennis in Puntacana Resort & Club

Puntacana Resort & Club has the Oscar de la Renta tennis center, which offers a wide variety of programs aimed at children and adults. In addition, it has various amenities such as its specialized sports stores, snack Bar, 12 courts and technology with all the equipment. There is no other that compares in the Caribbean for the practice of this sport.

El personal del centro de tenis está a la completa disposición de propietarios y huéspedes con 14 jugadores para perseguir pelotas, 7 contrincantes para las diferentes prácticas y tres asistentes profesionales para brindar todo tipo de clases. Además de que existen diferentes actividades, en la que se pueden involucrar visitantes y propietarios del resort, como:

The tennis center staff is at the complete disposal of owners and guests with 14 players to chase balls, 7 opponents for different practices and three professional assistants to provide all kinds of classes. In addition to the fact that there are different activities, in which visitors and resort owners can get involved, such as:

  • Tennis classes for children and adults.
  • Mixed doubles or “social doubles” tennis tournament.
  • Puntacana tennis camp.
  • Owner's Weekend Tennis Tournament
  • Holiday Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament
  • Annual Oscar de la Renta social tennis tournament

Hay grandes ventajas por pertenecer a este afamado club, pero también hay algunas reglas importantes que seguir. Asimismo tendrás a tu disposición el servicio de equipamiento y asesorías para que aprenda a desarrollarse en la cancha. Por lo que no hay excusa para comenzar con la práctica de este deporte.

There are great benefits to being a member of this famous club, but there are also some important rules to follow. You will also have at your disposal the service of equipment and help to learn to develop on the field. There is no excuse to start practicing this sport.


Water Sports

Water sports are essential within the complex, precisely because of its extensive terrain on the shore of the beach. There are a host of marine activities to do during your vacation. Doing some of them, feeling the breeze, observing the crystalline sea and all the Caribbean landscapes is the best of the experiences. Therefore, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy of:

  • Scuba Diving: Recognized by the professional association of diving instructors, with five-star teachers and submarine tours to sunken ships. The Puntacana Resort & Club Aquatic Center offers a great practice for all those who want to learn about this sport.
  • Kiteboarding: The Kite Club Puntacana offers the best lessons in the Caribbean, with instructors certified by IKO. It's the safest place to learn, along with waist-deep flat water and cross trade winds.
  • Diving: There is a great variety of fishing excursions that offer the opportunity to carry out these practices. In deep waters for half a day or for a full day on the boats, to make these the most rewarding experience. With a direct approach to the sea and all its species.

Horses in the Equestrian Center Puntacana

For fans of horses, Puntacana Resort & Club offers the opportunity to live a great experience very close to them. First of all, the opportunity to take one or two hour walks along the beach, a captivating and romantic experience at the same time. Likewise, newcomers have the opportunity to live a special tour called “Meet Puntacana” to learn about the most beautiful details of the Resort.

On the other hand, the riding lessons are also part of a great and exclusive experience, aimed mainly at adult beginners. You can also learn the basics of horse care and test new skills on the beach tour. There are also ponies and school species especially for the youngest and that nobody misses the opportunity to get to know this sport along with its wonderful peculiarities.


Ecological park “Ojos Indígenas”

The Ojos Indigenas Ecological Park and Reserve is a 1,500-acre private site, a property cared for by the Puntacana Foundation. It is intended for scientific research, the conservation of native species and the protection of animals, flora and fauna in danger of extinction. Likewise, recreational activities for guests are a fundamental part of providing an approach to the natural beauties of the region.

This reserve is made up of a network of trails that lead to twelve freshwater lagoons that serve as habitat for species such as birds, reptiles, insects, and diverse local fauna and flora. It is a set of attractions related to the history of the environment and the culture of the Dominican Republic.

Ojos Indigenas is an ecological park that is unique in its style and represents one of the most relevant characteristics of the resort. There is much to appreciate, learn and explore inside, having the corresponding guide from experts in the area. In each visit you will be surprised by the natural benefits that only here you will have the opportunity to appreciate.


Benefits for the owners

Being part of the real estate owners at Puntacana Resort & Club brings with it different and great benefits. First of all, you will acquire luxury furniture, to have them available throughout the year. In this way you can spend wonderful, quiet moments and do what you like the most inside. In addition there are also other advantages that cannot be ignored, such as:

  • Unobstructed access to all areas of the resort.
  • Use of a private beach of any of its 10 km in length.
  • Free access to the nature reserve.
  • 10% -20% discount in all restaurants, spas and services in the interior of Puntacana.
  • The possibility of buying the hotel's Day-Pass with the discount (which varies according to the season).
  • System of discounts in the rental of golf equipment.
  • Exclusive VIP terminal at Punta Cana International Airport.
  • Private support during registration and exclusive reception on arrival at the airport.

Residences in Puntacana Resort & Club

At Puntacana Resort & Club there are eight residences or communities where you can purchase or rent properties for your stay. They are places that have a unique location and with their own services, all of them with their own advantages. These are spaces with a lot of value and they really represent a dream investment.

  • Arrecife: It is a residence that consists of luxury villas with an elegant atmosphere and manicured gardens, as well as an impressive sea view in each of its corners. Each of their houses is conveniently located near the pool, beach and restaurants belonging to the complex.
  • Tortuga: In a private anchorage which is within the complex being a wonderful luxury community. With a splendid view of the first nine holes of the La Cana Golf course, in any of its more than one hundred houses, each with its own excellent characteristics. A residential area with all the services to spend the best days, from the spa to the restaurants and bars.
  • Hacienda: Exceptional community with uniquely designed new villas, whose owners can enjoy the many amenities of the resort. Its main feature is the golf course that remains inside, the first of its kind and designed by the renowned P.B Dye.
  • Hacienda del Mar: Properties in beautifully designed buildings, with different styles and sizes, are located in this luxury residence. With a spectacular view of the La Cana Golf course and several levels for you to make the best investment in a real estate that has access to a private pool and leisure areas.
  • Marina: Luxurious villas with numerous amenities, designer furniture and modern style located in a unique place. This residence developed the largest yacht parking lot in the Caribbean, because sport fishing is one of the favorite activities of its owners. In addition, there is greater access to the water sports center and many other world-class services.
  • Corales: Luxury residences where celebrities such as Julio Iglesia have lived in their modern and discreet villas. Its properties are exclusive, with a unique location close to the coast and its breathtaking views of the ocean are unmatched.
  • Playa Serena: This place has 12 magnificent personalized houses and is completely facing the Caribbean Sea. It is an area protected by a natural bar reef that makes the water very calm, hence its name. Owning any of these properties is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, where you can go directly from the white sand to the interior of your home.
  • Lagos: An exceptional new community with oversized and uniquely designed villas. It is surrounded by large bodies of water that live up to its name, making it a very quiet environment with a beautiful natural landscape. It has all the comforts and features of a luxury resort but with the authentic tropical Dominican style.

Puntacana Resort & Club combines in its interior a series of elements and characteristics that make it one of the best paradises that may exist. You will not regret acquiring any of its available properties, renting its wonderful spaces or being a guest at any of its hotels. It is a place like no other in the Caribbean in which Grupo Puntacana has put all its effort to stand out for its luxury, elegance, quality service, comfort and entertainment.

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