Cap Cana

Cap Cana is that perfect destination for those who want to enjoy peace and security, just to the southwest of the Dominican Republic. Making an investment here is the right decision if you want to live in a dream paradise or spend the best vacation of your life, whenever you need it. It is a place with all the services you can imagine, such as a school, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, recreational areas for the whole family and much more; to achieve a great delight in the complex with the highest level of the Caribbean.

This residence is elegant, safe, private, luxurious and one of a kind. For this reason, many artists and great personalities spend their days enjoying everything that Cap Cana offers. You even have the possibility of making a large investment or attractive business, only by being interested in this residence.

One of the best advantages of this complex is that in only 10 minutes you can get to the International Airport of Punta Cana. For this reason you will not have any problem arriving or going to any other country, since there are many possibilities it offers. In this terminal there are direct flights to destinations such as the United States, Latin America and the most important cities of Europe, which makes everything much faster and efficient.

An exclusive gated community that is distributed in 12 thousand hectares of land, with the services and luxury you need. Beaches, golf courses, a school and ecotourism are just some of its privileges. There is much to enjoy in Cap Cana, from its climate to its exclusivity, all in one wonderful complex.


Marina Cap Cana

Marina Cap Cana es un puerto deportivo de última generación, diseñado para recibir hasta 500 yates de todo tipo, cuando esté completo. Tiene 150 muelles, con todos los servicios para los capitanes y la tripulación que lleguen al complejo. Lo mejor es que debido a su construcción está debidamente protegido, para que no haya ningún problema durante la temporada de huracanes.

Marina Cap Cana is a marina of the latest generation, designed to receive up to 500 yachts of all kinds, when full. It has 150 docks, with all services for captains and crew arriving at the complex. The best thing is that due to its construction it is properly protected, so that there is no problem during the hurricane season.

This port is considered as one of the best places in the world for sport fishing and deep-sea diving. To such an extent that it has been the scene of famous tournaments and is a popular destination for those who enjoy these types of activities, both observers and those who practice them.

In addition to all of it the Cap Cana Marina staff, all of them friendly and flexible. Trained to pay attention to every detail and thus be able to guarantee that your days in this place live up to your dreams. For this reason, it is perfect to spend your vacations if you are a lover of the waves of the sea, the activities in the port, the boats and the Caribbean breeze.


Cap Cana Heritage School

Cap Cana Heritage School's educational community is small, but it is still diverse and one of the best of its kind. The curriculum of this institution is based on those of the United States, with English being the main language in all its grades. Likewise, the application of the wisdom, integrity and leadership that guide the learning and development of each of its students is essential.

The school is recognized by the Dominican Ministry of Education and is also accredited by AdvancEd / SACS. Therefore, children from the age of three will be able to present the entrance test to this place and continue their education until they reach 12th grade, if approved. The most important thing is to know the strengths of each student, as well as their individual potential, in order to cultivate them properly throughout their educational path. Being part of this institution is having the assurance that the doors of the world will always be open for your children, with a great number of possibilities.


Beaches in Cap Cana

The beach is one of the most important elements in Cap Cana. For this reason it offers owners and guests the possibility of obtaining top quality sea activities. In this way, anyone can experience their dream vacation in comfortable and luxurious outdoor spaces.

If you want to sail, swim, fish or practice some water sport, this destination is your best option. It is also ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the Caribbean breeze, or take advantage of the sun's rays. The beaches at Cap Cana are quiet and safe, so you will feel like you are in paradise since your arrival.

Cap Cana has in its interior the famous beach called "Juanillo" , a quiet escape that is located at the extreme of the Dominican Republic. It's open, has its own award-winning restaurant, and there is international music throughout the area for a more comfortable atmosphere. There is no need to go elsewhere, due to all the different activities at your disposal.

Many people arrive during the weekends, so most of the events are planned for them, which makes the atmosphere much more lively. On the rest of the days it will be a very quiet place, with very few visitors, so it will feel private. This Caribbean paradise guarantees you pleasure, entertainment, luxury and above all a lot of food when you want to enjoy your vacation.


Beach Club “API Beach”

The "Api Beach" beach club is one of the most emblematic establishments within Cap Cana. It is synonymous with success, which began serving water and soft drinks. Now it is one of the best places to hold meetings and spend time sharing with your loved ones . You can sit on the shore of the beach to contemplate the turquoise water of the Caribbean, enjoy memorable dishes or watch the yachts coming to the marina.

It is a place with a simple atmosphere, nothing pretentious, so anyone can feel comfortable inside. Although not to be confused with any ordinary shack, it has its own fresh and exclusive style. For this reason, it is ideal for various events, has several spaces for celebrations and is open at excellent hours. In short, Api Beach is one of the best places you can visit, where you are going to get the best service and for excellent moments.


Sports in Cap Cana

Sports activities are a fundamental part of Cap Cana, which is why it offers a large number of options to its visitors and owners. From large golf courses and luxury tennis courts, to sport fishing and equitation. The idea is that everyone can find a perfect activity to entertain themselves, learn from professionals and spend long hours of recreation.


Practicing Golf in Cap Cana is definitely an unforgettable experience. This complex has inside three Jack Nicklaus Signature courses, who designed and brought them to life. It is a unique destination to enjoy this sport, to the point to have an honor of hosting international championships.

The inland golf courses, such as Punta Espada, bring those who practice closer to the natural landscapes of the Caribbean. Each of its holes has an exceptional view of the sea, from different perspectives. In addition, the natural contours of the land are accentuated, they have different restaurants and services around them and they also have professionals to guarantee the best of experiences in each game.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is a favorite activity in Cap Cana, due to the great variety of species that can be found on its coasts. Fish such as blue and white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, and tuna can be reached. For this reason, this area is considered one of the best catch and release ports, where large tournaments take place every year.


The agronomist engineer Alejandro Battro was in charge of building and designing the polo fields of La Ciudad Ecuestre in Cap Cana. These places have 60 cm of pure sand, exclusive style and a wide training court. It also has its own school for this sport, for children and adults, along with special stables that can have up to 112 horses inside. It is a place of high level, whose final result is not compared to any other place in the world.


In Cap Cana tennis lovers have the opportunity to practice it in any of its four Har-tru or lighted green clay courts. They have their advantages and disadvantages, which will depend a lot on the type of player. Built following the specifications of the international federation of this sport, being ideal to start a good game.

One of its main advantages is that there is a better movement capacity, compared to red clay. For this reason, the most aggressive players prefer to practice in this type of space. On the other hand, it dries faster, absorbs less heat in high temperatures and reduces the possibility of injury.

For all the above, playing tennis in Cap Cana is a good option to have a good time having fun. It does not matter which one you choose, since they are all in optimal condition to receive it. It is an opportunity to start training intensely, without missing the best moments on the court.


Horses and the Equestrian City

Polo is not the only approach that Cap Cana has to horses. Inside is La Ciudad Ecuestre, the first project of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this place, different disciplines related to these animals are combined, with magnificent outdoor settings for it.

In Ciudad Ecuestre there are from the indoor arena for sporting events, up to five stages with international certifications. There are also the pole fields, riding routes and horse training. You can experience all of this as a spectator or experience it as part of the dressage riders in the cutting edge arena.


Ecotourism in "Scape Park". Eco adventures for the whole family in Cap Cana

The approach to the purest environment is one of the favorite activities of those who spend their days in the interior of Cap Cana. Within its spaces you can do ecotourism, due to the large amount of flora and fauna that exists, being considered one of the greatest reserves of the region. All this within the areas of "Scape Park" a thematic place with great attractions in a completely natural style.

This park is located in the heart of Cap Cana, where you can explore its diversity of species. Observe from the birds along the trails, to the rhinos and sea turtles. Also, you can find exotic plants like bromeliads, or more common like its tall Caribbean palms. Therefore, you will spend great and exciting hours of discoveries.

There are also some activities that can be practiced within this ecological reserve, such as:

  • Zip line eco splash
  • Eco-expedition truck
  • Hoyo Azul eco tour
  • Indigenous cenote Las Olas
  • Ranch of escape
  • Eco trail mountain biking
  • Cultural route and cenote swim
  • Exotic animals at Scape Park

Therefore, do not hesitate to visit this place, accompanied by your whole family. It is a completely different experience that you can only enjoy in Cap Cana. This place embraces your senses and fills you with emotions through time, in the midst of the purest nature.


Activities for children in Cap Cana

As well as activities for adults, children also have their own spaces within Cap Cana. This complex offers its owners and visitors a diversity of options to bring fun to the little ones. From sports activities to clubs and vacation recreational spaces; they will hardly be bored inside.

  • Animal encounter: In Scape Park you will have a first-hand encounter with numerous tropical and exotic species.
  • Koko Kids' Club: They will live an unforgettable vacation with everything planned for the little guests. Contests, crafts, treasure hunts, games and mini spa; all this from the hand of a highly trained staff.
  • Kelowha Summer Camp: Each year at Cap Cana Heritage School this activity is held for children between 7 and 12 years old. Sports, horseback riding, eco-tours and workshops take place there; all to encourage teamwork in children and have a great time.
  • Golf lessons: Training with professionals, for children to learn from the hands of experts and in the best facilities in the Caribbean.
  • Tennis lessons: The classes are available under the direction of the professional Alberto Pichardo, qualified in 2011 as number 17 of the Dominican tennis federation.
  • Equestrian discipline lessons: Los Establos polo and riding school with certification of professionals in various equestrian disciplines. Special camps, specialized courses, group learning and other activities are also organized for children and adolescents.


Hotels in Cap Cana

Guests who want to spend a few days in Cap Cana can do so at any of its hotels. Likewise, the owners will be able to receive their guests in elegant facilities, with the best service in the Caribbean. All of them are well distributed within the different communities inside the complex, so you will have various options to select the one that best suits your requirements.

  • Secrets Cap Cana: A luxurious, modern and elegant haven that is located right in front of the crystal clear water of the exclusive Juanillo beach. This hotel features beautiful suits, a world-class spa, gourmet dining, and other great amenities.
  • Eden Roc in Cap Cana: An intimate place, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and full of extravagant amenities. This hotel consists of 34 independent suites, giving its guests an unprecedented level of luxury.
  • Alsol Tiara Collection: Perfect to escape from reality and lose yourself in the Caribbean scents. It has an exclusive atmosphere and music is the heart of its culture, all on the east coast of the Dominican Republic.
  • Cap Cana Sanctuary: The architecture of this hotel pays homage to the Spanish colonial heritage, for its rich woods, marbles and tiles. With 176 elegant rooms, designed for the most demanding tastes, which are distributed from the lobby to the white sand beach.
  • Alsol Luxury Village: 299 rooms, divided into four categories, equipped with completely new designer furniture and an innovative architectural style. The comfort and elegance of this hotel are reflected in each of its spaces, as a way of life. So it has everything you need, including a variety of beautiful views and private access to its pools.
  • Alsol del Mar: A perfect hotel for a family vacation. It has 375 suites, all spacious and facing the sea. Inside there are also 6 restaurants, a water park, an open-air theater, 3 bars and much more to enjoy.

Restaurantes y bares en Cap cana

The restaurants and bars in Cap Cana are one of its greatest feachers, as there are a large number of them. You can choose from a familiar or informal setting, to a more intimate and private setting. All of them offer excellent extraordinary culinary flavors in environments with exceptional designs that will invite you to return on various occasions.

  • Mediterranean: Belonging to the Eden Roc and considered as the most elegant. Its specialty is Mediterranean gastronomy with which you can experience a journey of flavors and ingredients from various cultures, mixed with local elements and specialties from artisan suppliers in Europe. 
  • La Palapa: This place stands out within the Eden Roc for its sumptuous dishes and seafood prepared to perfection, served in a calm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Blue Grill + Bar: It is the newest restaurant in Eden Roc and is ready to become one of the main gastronomic destinations in the Dominican Republic. Synonymous with culinary excellence, making it perfect for holding memorable celebrations, due to its bar, wine showcase, cigar cellar and barbecue by the pool.
  • La Cava: This restaurant inside the Eden Roc offers an exclusive area for intimate dinners and exquisite events. You have at your disposal a collection with thousands of bottles of the best French and Italian vintages. All within a cozy environment, ideal for enjoying contemporary wines.
  • Riva Bar: Inspired by the pleasure boat of Riva Aquarama, a symbol of the glamor of the French and Italian Rivieras of the sixties. Exclusive cocktails and drinks are served, so that you can enjoy from any of its areas overlooking the pool and the main gardens of the complex.
  • Juanillo Grill & Beach Club: On Juanillo beach you will find this bohemian restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious food, drinks and great live  music.
  • Api Beach: A perfect place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon playing or sunbathing, because it is located on the Marina beach. Cheese burgers and ceviche are part of its delicious cuisine, so you should not miss the opportunity to try them.
  • Soprano: It is a pizzeria that offers good food and an ideal space for a meeting with old friends or family. In addition, it has an impressive view of Marina Cap Cana on its terrace and its pizzas are prepared by its experts, with the freshest ingredients.
  • El Rincón De Paco: A traditional Spanish tavern, perfect to enjoy the most famous dishes of this country. With a unique atmosphere that will make you feel in the midst of the illusions of "Don Quixote".
  • Mamma's Forno En Pasta: With the traditional recipes of Nonna such as fresh pasta or pizzas prepared in the oven. This restaurant is perfect if you want to taste the best Italian cuisine.
  • Coffee & News: A Parisian-style atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the most delicious coffees in the world and reading the latest newspapers.
  • Tacos Truck: The best street tacos served in the famous Volkswagen Combi from the 70's. All with their delicious sauces and authentic Mexican flavors.
  • Fusion, Sense & Flavors: A perfect combination of aromas and flavors from different cultures. Avant-garde gastronomy, prepared and served in front of you in a modern setting with industrial urban decorations.
  • The Sweet House: A unique artisan ice cream parlor, themed from an old train room. It is perfect to bring the children, due to its wide selection of candies, cakes, crepes and chocolate bars, which add to its great decoration.
  • Burger Factory: A revolution of burgers of all styles and for all tastes, located in Sanctuary Town.
  • Bohemian: This bar is a combination of creative tapas, a great selection of wines by the glass, bottles from different countries and an intimate setting, perfect for private events.
  • Arroceria Valenciana: Spanish flavors come together in the fantastic paellas, scented and colored with the highest degree of natural saffron.
  • El Pórtico: Traditional Italian food can be found in this restaurant, all made with the freshest ingredients.
  • Nakamura: A combination of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy, using local ingredients, results in Nikkei cuisine. This restaurant specializes in offering the best experience in this very particular culinary style.
  • Cavalier Steak House: Located in Los Establos de Ciudad Ecuestre, has an excellent view of the polo fields. Its atmosphere is exceptional and offers a gastronomic experience unique in its style.
  • Bella Vista: It is inside Punta Espada Golf Club, has impressive views of each of its courses and fairways. It is a restaurant that serves Mexican specialties, unique in their style.
  • Cafeina Coffee House: A cozy cafeteria that has an American style and is located at the entrance of Ciudad Las Canas. It serves special coffees, ranging from milk to frozen cappuccinos. You can also get delicious cakes, hot sandwiches and a variety of fresh salads.


The Fitness lifestyle and the Spas inside Cap Cana

A vacation cannot be complete without unique places to relax and find complete well-being. Whether on the beach, the privacy of your villa or in some of the hotels; the Spas at Cap Cana are world class. The facilities and service in each of them go beyond the physical well-being, so that you can achieve the peace and relaxation you need.

Each of the treatments is individualized. Both men and women will feel the pleasure of being able to fully relax and forget about worries. The different spas in Cap Cana offer from facial and body treatments, skin firming, sensual wraps, aromatherapy; to a wide variety of massages and much more to enjoy.

  • Sanctuary For The Senses: Entering this place is discovering its exceptional hydrotherapies and revitalizing indigenous treatments for the body, which refresh the mind and renew the spirit. You just need to relax and enjoy world-class personal attention.
  • Solaya Spa Experience Luxury: A luxurious, intimate environment full of a delicious tropical aroma. A spa surrounded by lagoons and elegant inside, from the closets to the rain showers and its Swedish sauna. You will live an experience like no other where a team of experts will take care of everything you need, this includes special nights or large events.
  • Waves: This is the perfect place for spending a full day of beauty treatments. This room offers its services of the highest quality in an environment that integrates the beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Secrets Spa By Pevonia: Immerse yourself in a sublime atmosphere of indulgence, surrounded by breathtaking views. This Spa offers dozens of treatments to pamper you so that you can experience true peace through various professional techniques.
  • Barbor Signature Spa: A spa with an exclusive character, with unique products and that focuses on high-end solutions to obtain immediate results. Its treatments are state-of-the-art and are aimed at men and women of all ages.
  • The Powerfit Studio: Offers top-of-the-line facilities including excellent workout equipment and dynamic body-building classes. It also allows you to get day passes for your visitors who want to continue their exercise routine while enjoying a great vacation.
  • Sanctuary Cap Cana and AlSol Luxury Village: These two areas of the complex also offer exceptional fitness facilities, such as their gym with modern equipment.


Social events in the complex

Cap Cana offers its owners the opportunity to organize and host different social events within its facilities. From business meetings, high-profile events or intimate moments, to luxurious weddings. None of them are impossible for the group of professionals who work within this elegant Resort.

The wonderful landscapes in front of the Caribbean beach can be the ideal to receive your guests. Excellent service, completely unique exceptional results are obtained. You only have to leave it in the hands of professionals, who organize every detail to create the best social events in the Caribbean.


Blue Mall Punta Cana and supermarket "Nacional"

The Cap Cana complex has the great advantage of having one of the best shopping centers in the Caribbean just 7km away. We are talking about Blue Mall Punta Cana and with it the National Supermarket. In these places you can get everything you need to make your purchases, both personal products and gifts or other more exclusive services.


Residential areas and communities within Cap Cana

Cap Cana offers you the opportunity to be the owner of the home of your dreams, in any of its residential areas and communities. You have at your disposal an exclusive selection of homes, which are a one-of-a-kind business opportunity. Make your investment right now so that you can enjoy the privileges of the Caribbean and all that this complex offers you.

7 Mares At Cap Cana

A work of architecture designed by the renowned Venezuelan architect Francisco Feugas. This magnificent tower has an elegant style that stands out in each of its 15 floors and 72 apartments. Timeless elegance, contemporary luxury, panoramic views from every point, that's the new way of living in Cap Cana.

Il Lago At Juanillo Beach

Il Lago is a residential community made up of 138 luxury apartments. All of them are located around a beautiful central lake and just a few steps from the wonderful Juanillo beach. Each of these properties has an interior design of the highest quality, large spaces of great elegance and a spectacular view of the lake through its large windows.

Villas Marina Luxury

Wonderful residence surrounded by incomparable landscapes. These properties offer you a carefree life, ideal for those who dream of enjoying unlimited amenities. There are eleven two-level villas, each with bunk beds for yachts up to 60 feet and equipped with the highest quality furnishings. Likewise, the main rooms of each property have their own dressing room, outdoor Jacuzzi and a bench to enjoy an excellent view of the sea.

Los Establos

With an excellent location on the north of the central boulevard in Cap Cana, near the Calentón Beach Club, a few steps from Juanillo beach and the Punta Espada Golf course. Los Establos is a privileged community that is connected by trails, parks and outdoor gardens, as well as multiple recreational areas. Comfort is what defines this complex, along with all the possibilities of acquiring the services offered by the Equestrian City.

Aquamarina Beach Community

Located in front of the beautiful Marina beach, offering their owners one of the best views of the Caribbean Sea, along with a perfect environment to relax. In addition, each of its apartments have a large balcony, a large, very bright living room, a magnificent dining room and the best kitchen equipped with everything you need.

Juanillo Bay Community

5 miles of spectacular white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that only the bay of Playa Juanillo can offer its owners. A perfect place to lead a private life, with the comforts and services of an exclusive resort. All of it with the possibility of playing golf with professionals and enjoying the largest Marina in the Caribbean.

Las Iguanas Community

A private complex with 67 plots strategically located next to the Jack Nicklaus Signature Las Iguanas golf course. Acquiring one of these properties is ensuring you an unprecedented lifestyle in one of the most desirable locations in Cap Cana.

Las Palmas Community

An exclusive community ideal for golf players, as it is close to the impressive Jack Nicklaus Signature Punta Espada golf course. All of its properties offer a truly breathtaking ocean view along with the ability for owners to easily access Cap Cana's different services, club memberships, and activities.

Punta Cayuco Community

Large and pleasant land intended for the construction of contemporary and classic style villas. Located on the Punta Espada golf course, with a spectacular view that combines them together with the sea, the sand and the cliffs. It is a private community located in an unforgettable place, which will have warm, spacious and elegant spaces.

Punta Majagua Community

Your architectural dreams can come true on these incredible grounds with stunning views over the Punta Espada golf course. You only have to imagine waking up in a beautiful private villa, a few steps from the coast of the Caribbean Sea, a feeling that you must experience as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to make your investment.

Punta Maravilla Community

An exclusive sector located in front of the 14th hole of the Punta Espada golf course, it has an impressive view of the entire playing field. There are 4 exclusive lots destined to the construction of residences of up to two levels with Caribbean-style architecture. In addition, it has the advantage of being very close to Caleton Estates and the Beach Club.

Punta Palmera Community

This community is recently completed and ready to receive its new owners in front of the wonderful Juanillo Bay. It is a complex of apartments, each one with contemporary design, but at the same time with its notable differences so that you can choose the one that you like the most. Likewise, the community has a magnificent lobby with Caribbean-style architecture, a large swimming pool surrounded by a garden with palm trees and the complete construction was made with high quality natural materials.

Sotogrande at Cap Cana Community

This is a community of unparalleled beauty and value, strategically located in front of the exclusive Coralina Beach. It also has the advantage of being next to the Las Iguanas Golf Course and just a few steps from the Marina. It is a private place, with excellent and innovative architecture in each of its apartments. The owners have access to different areas such as any of its seven swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, gym, saunas, convention centers and much more; it is one of the best investments in Cap Cana.

Yarari Community

A cozy residential town where you can feel the aroma of nature and the purity of an exclusive project in the midst of unique flora and fauna. It is a unique place waiting for the construction of the house of your dreams, with the best land available for you to make your investment.

Caleton Estates And Villas Community

An exclusive area due to its privileged location within holes 12 and 13 of the world famous Jack Nicklaus Signature Design, of the Punta Espada golf course. For this reason, each of its lands and villas have an excellent view of it, with a unique landscape that combines the Caribbean Sea with the tropical foliage of the impressive El Farallón cliff. The owners of this stunning venue have access to an exclusive membership to use the Eden Roc Beach Club facilities, along with other privileges.

Fishing Lodge Community

A new way of living in the Marina, with quality architecture. The condos are impeccably designed and have decorations tailored to one, two, or three-bedroom homes. Just a few steps from the beach and with easy access to charming boutiques, beautiful shops, and exquisite restaurants.

Founders Condo Community

Located in the heart of La Marina, it has beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and all the areas around it. There are 12 luxury condominium buildings that have spacious apartments, with a large entrance, a beautiful living room with a glass door and that is integrated into a terrace to enjoy the landscapes. You can purchase 3, 4, and 5 bedroom properties with “his and hers” Master Suites.

Founders Golf Community

A residential community located on a cliff 12 feet high above sea level, combining the golf course and the Caribbean Sea to perfection. These lands are privileged by nature and the owners can enjoy their wonderful location just a few minutes from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Golden Bear Lodge Community

The essence of this community lies in its cozy facilities, as residents enjoy privacy and luxury living. The properties are comfortable, with one, two, or three bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and stunning views of the Las Iguanas golf course. Available for you to make your investment and enjoy all the services of the building that includes a central lobby, swimming pool, fully equipped spa, tennis courts and elegant and informal dinings.

Green Village Community

Charming residences with all the amenities you've always dreamed of. It is an ideal setting for a family day out or for an intimate dinner with friends under the stars. The two-bedroom properties are cozy and feature their own private pool, along with a terrace. When you see it, you will not doubt that it is one of the best investments in the Dominican Caribbean.

Isla Del Puerto Community

A private island where luxury and exclusivity come together in one of the most beautiful places in Cap Cana. Only nine will be the owners who will have the opportunity to make this dream investment in a unique residence designed with a high level of privacy. They will be able to navigate home and receive personalized attention from the customs and port authorities.

Isla Grande Community

A private island located in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, with a high level of privacy within La Marina. Build the home of your dreams in a distinctive location and with all the amenities that can only be obtained in this privileged area, including its impressive natural landscapes.

Farallon Community

Live an unparalleled experience from an impressive exclusive location and with a spectacular view of the Farallon cliffs. There are 69 plots that are located at the top of Cap Cana, in a private residential just 15 minutes from La Marina. The owners will have access to services such as the information and sales center, bars, restaurants, among others that define the best investment.

Ciudad Las Canas

Community with urban design, with beautiful roads and high-level security designed to protect its owners. Belonging to an active commercial area, where there are offices, pharmacies, restaurants, bar, doctors, educational area, sports area, among others. You can invest in it in different ways, either in plots for houses or apartments, you will not hesitate to do the best of business within this luxury complex.


Cap Cana owner privileges

Buying any of the properties for sale within Cap Cana is equal to obtaining various privileges within the complex. They will be for you, but equally for your guests and family. This combines a series of activities and comforts that cannot be ignored, such as:

  • Qualify for a Punta Espada membership.
  • Access to different venues for events and meetings.
  • Access to the different services, activities and areas of the complex, including exclusive areas for owners.
  • Access to the emergency center with a team of qualified doctors.
  • Great safety in all aspects, such as its own fire and rescue department.
  • 24-hour security service.


Cap Cana is a place that is only compared to the most complete private clubs in the world. The lifestyle within this place is quiet, elegant, luxurious and comfortable in all aspects, although you can do any of its various recreational activities. Therefore, do not hesitate to make an investment, to spend the best days of your life enjoying all that this complex has to offer.

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